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Add a proven program with long-term success to help improve patients health outcomes through weight loss. LightenUP is a doctor supervised rapid weight loss program designed to help your patients get healthier and lose weight.

The LightenUP program offers a complete protocol for:

  • Monitoring patients
  • Comprehensive patient education with the LightenUP Lifestyle series to support behavior modifications.
  • Complete doctors manual, trainings and support to Nutritionally support your patients during the program.

LightenUP for Patients

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Doctor Training & Support

Becoming a LightenUP provider means access to a vast array of expertise and services to provide clinics, including:


The LightenUP developers are:

 Dr. David Dick, BS, DC &

Dr. Wendy Dick, MBA, PhD, DSc


  • The LightenUP Program Start up Dr's Manual
  • Online Training Modules
  • Ongoing & Personalized Mentoring
  • Hands- on Training Seminars & Webinars
  • Weekly Dr Calls with Q&A


In addition to customized assistance from LightenUP, Licensed Providers also receive access to a wealth of research data, marketing materials and support, and operational support and training.


Just as LightenUP patients enter a strong and supportive community, LightenUP Clinics also receive unmatched supporting a variety of forms. Read the LightenUP Clinic Testimonials below to learn about the experiences of current providers:

"The LightenUP program has been a real lifesaver for my practice. My income has increased over $100,000 per month, and my patients have never been healthier!"
"LightenUP has been an excellent patient driver into my practice, and the system is so turn-key my staff can run it! My patients health is even better now with LightenUP- it's a Win-Win situation!"